The Riley Shot- Lisbon Blog -City guide-

I was lucky enough to visit Lisbon, Portugal. We spent 5 days walking miles around the historical streets and sea front – my camera never left my shoulder and I managed to capture some cool shots of this amazing city!
I really wanted to push myself this week to get some snaps of Lisbon in real life rather than just the usual holiday photos. I tried to get some alternative street shots while also capturing all of the beauty Lisbon has to offer. I couldn’t help using Mrs Riley in some shots to show not just how beautiful she is, but also to bring Lisbon to life a little!
Like a huge geek, I fell in love with the trams and at every opportunity couldn’t help but try and capture the locals, whilst the tram rolled by in the majestic evening sun. I could go on for hours about how picturesque Lisbon is, but instead I will break my tradition and show my edit in the slide show with a few comments throughout!
Tram 1
If you visit Lisbon you have to go for a good walk around aflama, we stayed in a tiny studio apartment here and it was exactly what we wanted. Tiny narrow cobbled streets with locals going at the daily routines, you would walk past a beautiful old building and through the window would be a barbers shop, or local store, or my favourite, someone happily watching Tv. I love it when you walk a neighbourhood and each house could be absolutely anything. Great, if you like walking about with a top notch coffee in hand.
tram linesTram 3Vicki 5Cheese and WineNew 2
We spent some time in this part of town, but we made sure we took a trip out to sintra which after a short wait for the clouds to disappear was well worth it. On the top of the mountains outside the city, it was like walking into a fairytale, something from shreks far far away. Its only an hour or so train ride out of the city and easy to plan once you are in Lisbon, just head to the station on the day and book your seat.
The rest off the time we spent walking the river, the city centre and eating some amazing food. Its not the most flat of cities so you need to be prepared, plenty of water etc. In simple, a beautiful city with great bars, food, people and Coffee, you must try an espresso, even if you don’t normally.sintra 2Sintra 3Snap fish 1
Underground 2
Enjoy the city, I’m jealous!
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